Curator of the Social Protection Program
Coordinator of social communications certified by the National Agency for Social Communications (NASK); experienced in the management and development of sustainable groups and communities; lecturer of the Department for Social Technologies at the Institute for Continuing Professional Education of Social Workers in Moscow.
Project activities
2016 - 2018 – support of the social workers activities at the stages of development, launch and evolution of the Moscow Longevity project, ensuring the appearance of the professional teams at the Departments of Social Communication and Active Longevity.
Previous experience
For over 20 years Vladislav worked in the press and electronic media: the editor of youth programs of the Akhtuba-TV; the editor-in-chief, the Volgograd Municipal Television; the editor-in-chief on the Rossiya24 channel (VGTRK); the special correspondent of the newspaper «Trud»; the editor-in-chief of «MK» newspaper in Cheboksary; the editor and the host of the Day channel.

As a coordinator and facilitator he took part in the strategic and project sessions, speaking of healthcare, education, regional development sectors, and energy.
Professional interests
New communication formats, a system of contemporary media and transmedia, sociocultural projects, models of effective interagency interaction.