Project Management
We are committed to develop and promote the project management for arts & culture - from idea to implementation. For the last ten years the most fundamental thing for the PI is about creative people getting things done. Our approach means engagement of many stakeholders from all sectors: government, business, NGOs as well as individual artists and creative groups.
Project-based working is inevitably result in stress situations, and coping strategies is a crucial skill in our approach to project management.
Our team undertook the implementation of more than 40 socio-cultural projects of different scale - events, education, researches - for visual arts, museum programs, performing arts and others.
we do
Concept development in arts & culture is a process of developing ideas to solve specific culture and social problem. We develop concepts from formless idea to precise message in an appropriate form with supportive visuals content. Also, we provide various analytical services for cultural institutions.
Expertise and Consulting
The PI is carrying out strategic analysis and feasibility studies in culture, arts, heritage, socio-cultural and interdisciplinary projects.
Developing concepts, providing analytics
Education, facilitation and mediation
On demand the PI provides seminars, trainings, workshops and lectures on the following topics: sociocultural project management, strategic planning, audience development, participatory projects, evaluation of project efficiency, etc. . Also, we provide learning sessions for the beginners in projects management to help them make their first steps in the fields of arts & culture.